What he doesn’t realize is how much he admires her for that, and how much he nomu nomu nomu nomu wants to be able to do that himself. At the memorial, when she started doing the shots, and gathering steam, he anticipated her blow up with glee. I’m really looking forward to learning more about these characters and their motivations, especially for the side characters like YeoReum and HyunHee. Except for HoonDong and his mother, the characters all seem to have a lot of depths left to plumb. I was wondering why dramabeans doesn’t do the recap, but finally you do. Viki occasionally tells me that a video isn’t available in my area too, but after a refresh or two, it works .

The Forbidden Marriage คู่รักวิวาห์ต้องห้าม ซับไทย Ep.1-12 (จบ)

Jang-mi’s mother waits for her surgery, and she’s the only patient in the room who is alone. She sighs at all the other ladies who have husbands, boyfriends, and sons to support them, but pretends disinterest when her own husband shows up. She texts him to leave but he says he can’t read it, because he smashed his cell phone in anger and he wants to talk to her face-to-face. Spending time alone is healthy, even when you’re married. However, if you find yourself avoiding spending time with your partner or even making up excuses not to be with them, there are likely deeper reasons you feel this way.

There’s no answer when she knocks, so Jang-mi lets herself in and creeeeps through the apartment, Ki-tae’s admonishment of her boundary-crossing echoing in her head. She calls out that she’s sorry, but she was worried because she once almost died alone at home when she was five, which explains her fear of being alone. Ki-tae spends 48 hours locked in the bathroom, reading, exercising, and fighting boredom. He weakens and hallucinates his friends and family saying how tired they are of him, knowing none of them will come and rescue him. For a moment he perks up thinking of Jang-mi, but remembers their fight and loses hope. He lies on the floor and passes out, just as we saw him at the top of the episode.

D’s handphone

It’s not a story of a woman fixing a tortured man, or a man rescuing a helpless girl, but a situation in which two people heal each other and learn about genuine companionship in the process. I completely agree with you, I just couldn’t quite put it into words so I didn’t write anything. But, yes I totally think that the actor’s smiling all the time actually suits what this character is supposed to be. He’s certainly very mysterious, and always seems to flicker between seeming genuine and fake. I actually think Yeo-Reum’s weird smiling is exactly that, weird. His character should be this flower boy/ knight shining in armor 2nd lead we’re used to except he’s a bit shady and the oddness of him always smiling make one unnerve so I rather think it’s on purpose.

I want her and Jang-mi to be best friends at the end of this show. For me, a drama is made or broken by its characters, and the characters are what this show does to perfection. All of them, from leads to secondary players, have many facets and layers that I think we’re just starting to see in tiny glimpses. It’s interesting to see how Ki-tae and Jang-mi are two sides of the same extreme coin – one mistaking solitude for happiness, and the other so afraid of solitude that she will be with anyone to avoid it.

I think she has finally come to terms that she can’t coerce Ki-tae away from Jang-mi but that doesn’t mean that she’s back to being a supportive friend. That «you can’t see me» thing was a reference to John Cena, and I just love it when K-dramas make references to things I know and love here in the U.S. As for her mom, frankly, I don’t think she cares where Jang mi spends the night.

She’s impressively flexible, and her big finish leaves her staring upside-down and ass-first at pretty much the entire female population of Ki-tae’s family. Mom takes Jang-mi shopping for food for the memorial, where Jang-mi admits that her family doesn’t follow these rituals. Mom points out that https://datingranking.org/vrfuckdolls-review in her family, the women do all the work to prepare the food. She tasks Jang-mi with peeling a massive bag of chestnuts that night, and tells her to be at their house early in the morning. Lunch turns into a passive-aggressive standoff, as both men trade insults and ignore Jang-mi’s protests.

She says it’s really busy, and he says the clinic is doing well, too. As he boasts how great he is, she falls asleep on him again. I love that KT understands this about her.

It’s too bad, because had they remained the strict clever twists on expectation, they would’ve been the show’s crowning cap. I do like that the writer was clearly experimenting and pushing the boundaries of that device; the results just weren’t always in my wheelhouse. At least the finale went out on the kind of cold open I had loved early on. Ki-tae arguably did the most changing during the course of the show, since he had to learn to let people into his life to know that it’s worth putting yourself out there in order to gain love. Protecting yourself to the point that you shut out everyone and everything may be a safe way to live, but it’s not a happy way to live. He had to learn that while you may get hurt if you reach out to others, you also may gain immeasurable happiness, and that’s worth possibly experiencing some heartbreak in the process.

Jang-mi thinks to herself that they talk less now that they’re in a relationship than when it was make-believe, and she brazenly suggests they go to Ki-tae’s place. He’s startled, but his thoughts go to the Naughty Place again and he guns the motor. “Ju Jang-mi” has its grand opening, and one of their first customers is Jang-mi and Hyun-hee’s old manager from the department store, who actually looks super cute in street clothes. Their next customer is Hoon-dong’s chef, and Hyun-hee makes him promise not to tell Hoon-dong. Yeo-reum and Jang-mi play matchmaker by sitting Chef across from Manager, and they both seem to find the other attractive.

Mom argues back with a wibbly voice that yeah, she’s sick, and so is everyone else here, but the other patients tell them to continue because this is more riveting than a drama . Dad asks haltingly if he can stay with her, but Mom is stubborn and tries to give the bankbook back. It’s cute how the other women in the waiting room urge Mom to take the money and kick the man out, but the men are all “These women are so disloyal! ” Mom grudgingly takes the money , to a round of applause.

Mom turns to go but Dad grabs her arm, crying that he’s lost everything so what good is love? Ki-tae didn’t even invite him to the wedding. Mom shakes him off, saying that’s what Ki-tae wanted, but turns back to throw him a pity invite.

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