Working together, they can ensure that the life they build together is stable, but never stagnant. If they’re smart, this couple will blend their different decision-making styles. While Taurus can fall into believing he’s the only responsible adult in the relationship, he should broaden his perspective. If they don’t, there’s a danger that the Gemini woman will swallow her fears for the sake of smooth sailing. For Taurus men, they need to be absolutely sure they’ve found the perfect woman for them. Emotionally, this couple is at their best when they’re not nitpicking each other.

Both had broken my heart at different times in the relationship. I’m a gemini woman, trapped in a relationship with a taurus man. I love my freedom but I don’t want to break my sweet taurus heart. A unique bond is shared between the Gemini male and Taurus female in a relationship. They either have a tendency to work things out well or may face a lot of problems related to the vast differences that these two from 12 star signs of zodiac hold. The Taurus guys admires their in manners different people ount of the time he does to ready to have a good personal big date or create an activity along.

I am Gemini but prefer the quiet of home with my love. I don’t go in all different directions except incinversation. Were both funny and we joke alot and have great conversation. If this doesn’t work I am ready to jump from a cliff, sister. Jennifer studied Astrology and Human Relations and has a BA in Psychology. At Authority Astrology, she can finally combine all her talents and skill to create quality, reliable content for star sign dating enthusiasts all over the world.

Important traits of a Taurus woman in relation to a Taurus man

It means both people in the relationship will have to work a lot harder if they want to maintain it. He has the ability to cut dead his emotional baggage and move on. Falls in love she falls deeply and unconditionally. If the relationship Wildbuddies ends she feels the pain long after the love has gone. No one can match the Twins, for a start, they have two faces to do all the talking. The Bull, on the other hand, wants to contemplate every single word spoken.

Here’s Your Perfect Date Night Horror Movie, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

However, when their relationship has ended, Taurus and Gemini soulmatesare quite likely to stay friends. Both are wise enough to see that the relationship did not end because of one person, but rather because they are so unlike. While Taurus and Gemini make terrific companions, they don’t always flourish in a relationship’s deeper connection. This is mostly due to the fact that their lives are incompatible.

She is sensual, slow moving and loves to indulge in her favorite luxuries as part of the love making process. She craves security and can be a reliable and passionate lover, but needs to feel a physical connection and sexual chemistry. A Taurus and Gemini relationship is one of the most difficult.

Even years later after he has since married, he still talk of the ‘good food’. He even asked me to cook for his daughter’s birthday party. One Taurus boy was in love with me many years ago and that’s all he talked about — my cooking. They keep saying Gemini women cannot spend the time to cook and keep the house clean. I resent some of these false allegations against Gemini women. I don’t cook well, but I do keep a clean house and prefer being tidy over disorganized.

Taurus Man Gemini Woman Marriage Compatibility

He will invest a lot of energy on impressing her. He may want freedom and independence, but when with her, he’ll be more interested in having love and some romantic security. They will have lots of fun, for he will always come up with new ideas of what to do or where to go. She wants a stable and secure relationship that will last a lifetime. This is a woman who needs to settle and to put down her roots.

He loves stability, caution and takings things slowly. She is a whirlwind of different ideas and moods, and she changes her mind about everything approximately three hundred and forty two times a day. He just can’t keep up with what she wants from him – probably because she herself is not really sure.

Think of the Taurus zodiac sign like the turtle in that famous story of the tortoise and the hare and the Gemini as the rabbit. The Taurus moves forward at a slow and steady pace whereas the Gemini likes to rush ahead. Gemini are bored of being close to Taurus, they rarely have common topics of conversation. And if the Taurus can still tolerate silent interlocutors, then a person born under the sign of Gemini will find better a more talkative company. Diversity in everything and impermanence is what distinguishes the air sign of Gemini , who does not sit in one place, is in constant movement and research.

While this pairing is difficult, it’s not impossible if both signs can be patient with each other. Once they understand how the other one thinks, and they listen to one another, they can work as a team. If Gemini can respect Taurus’ reliability and devotion, and if Taurus can appreciate Gemini’s versatility and curiosity, this could be a lasting relationship. What may kill the mood is that Gemini is very into mental foreplay and pillow talk—something that Taurus doesn’t always have the patience to do. And while Taurus is a very physical and dominant lover, they are pretty vanilla in the bedroom and not very interested in going outside their comfort zone.

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