The last thing you remembered was a hot poker penetrating your side. There sitting in front of you was the man who would probably haunt your nightmares for forever. “I don’t like the idea of this, Spencer.” You say coming to a halt out at the door.

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After many late nights and many phone calls to Garcia back at Quantico, the location and identity of the unsub was finally revealed. Your sketchpad rests on the coffee table by your feet and a wonderful black and white image of a half drawn rose stares back at you. Placing the cup of hot chocolate down on the table, you grasp the sketchpad in your hands, gripping a pencil with your fingers, and twirling it around with a sudden curiosity. The delightful and refreshing scent of the pumpkin pie scented candle dimly lit in the centre of the room inspires you as the led brushes up against the paper. You shift, sitting up with your legs pressed to your chest and carefully balancing the pad of paper on your thighs. Your wrist flickers delicately as gentle black strokes begin to decorate the plain paper.

When you walked into the office space, you weren’t surprised to find Spencer, Luke, and Matt talking around their desks instead of doing paperwork. When you walked past the trio, you overheard their conversation. The team was getting off the jet after a rough case. You were tired, and heartbroken from the deadly results of the past couple days, and all you really wanted to do was go home and cuddle up in bed with someone.

The case the BAU was currently on had been going for 6 days, and it felt like they weren’t anywhere closer to finding the killer. The unsub had been kidnapping young women, torturing them, then leaving their cut-out hearts on the doorsteps of their soulmates. The group had profiled that he’d be a year old man, a narcissist, misogynist, and had probably gone through a nasty divorce with his own soulmate. There’d been 3 victims already, and if he stuck to his schedule, he’d take another woman by the end of the day. “please tell me-” You start as you walk through the apartment toward the kitchen.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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Sleeping with Bucky Barnes Would Include

Close icon Two crossed lines that form an ‘X’. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. This week, Editor Don Williams somewhat reluctantly rides the Beta Xtrainer 300 off-road bike. The Beta is a bit of an odd beast. It’s a not-quite-full-sized 2-stroke dirt bike, designed to be a little less intimidating than a full-sized machine. Previous years’ versions were hampered by less-than-stellar suspension.

With Unsend, you can retract a just-sent message before the would-be recipient sees it. Grindr can be a dangerous app to use in countries with laws against homosexuality. The app has a geotracking feature that has been used by police to track Grindr users to their alternatives location. There have also been instances of HIV-positive users having that craigslist exposed by work colleagues. Adult Search is a classifieds website with personals, state and city filters.

Your son hadn’t stopped talking about the zoo since Spencer had asked him if he wanted to go. You’re pretty sure Spencer was Matthew’s favorite person. Spencer was great with kids and it showed with Matty.

So don’t you dare come close to my son again! ” She yelled and pointed her finger at your face. She was so happy talking to JJ until she looked at you. She keep looking at you in disgust, as always.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Spencer did have strong feelings for Caleb, but chose to ignore them in order to protect her friendship with Hanna. Whether these feelings are real is unclear, but fingers crossed that we won’t have to deal with two Liars fighting over one dude. The real love story on this show is the friendship between the girls, and as great as Caleb is, no guy should come between them.

You winced, but tried your best to not show the pain. He’s a sadist, he wants to see you in pain. You wouldn’t give him the satisfaction.

When they unclenched, those hands caressed the free hair at the back of Spencer’s head, only moving around to cup his face. Spencer’s own hands were drawn to Y/N’s sides like iron fillings to a magnet. He soaked in Y/N’s affections that were poured into the way he looked at him. Spencer’s attention was drawn away from his stack of paperwork when he spied, out of the corner of his eye, his boyfriend approaching his desk. Y/N looked as handsome as ever in his work’s uniform, the FBI VISITOR badge pinned above his heart.